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FREE GUIDE: Learn how to explore new cultures like a seasoned missionary! 


You've prayed. You've prepped. You've raised funds. The last thing you want to do is get overseas and start making social blunders. But in a new culture, you may not even realize what mistakes you're making! 


That's why we've created this special guide — to teach you how to research and explore a culture before you hit the mission field.


Understanding cultural norms, like how to greet an authority figure and how to dress, will help you build more meaningful cross-cultural relationships.


Your guide includes: 

  • 20 questions to jumpstart your cultural learning 

  • Prompts spanning five categories of culture, like worldview and language  

  • Journal space to record your findings


Get your guide to build your cultural foundation and increase your success on the mission field. 

mission trip preparation guide

Start Preparing for your Mission Trip

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